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Retail Services
With today’s busy lifestyle, staying on top of your medications and health is sometime a chore. We support you by providing value- added services that makes managing your medications easier. Just ask our pharmacist for assistance:

Compounding - Your doctor may prescribe personalized medications for you that don't come right off the shelves. We can create these customised medications for you to meet your unique needs.

Phone Refills - Refills, and Refill Reminders - To save you time, you can order your refill prescriptions in advance by phone. Just come over to collect your medications.

Medication Delivery - In some cases we offer local medication delivery.

Personalized Up-to-date Medication Profile - We can provide you with a medication profile with each prescription, so you always have the most complete record of your medications. Learning about your medications and conditions is one of the most important ways you can help to achieve your heath and wellness goals.

Medication Reviews - This private consultation with our pharmacist helps you better understand your medications, how they work, and how to get the best results from using them, to maintain or enhance your quality of life.


Wholesale Services
Seremban Premier Pharmacy is committed in providing quality pharmaceutical supplies in a competitive business environment (Pharmacies, Hospitals, Care Facilities and Government Institutions).

As the pharmaceutical wholesale business forms the nucleus of the company, we provide reliable, secure, and efficient supply of pharmaceuticals to doctors, and medical institutions remains our core competency.

In this challenging business environment and rising cost of living and increase in healthcare costs, we take great responsibility by strategically positioning ourselves in the market place by offering quality medical products at very competitive price. We strive continuously to facilitate solutions to exceed our customer expectations. 

In keeping with our tradition of service excellence we strive to provide better healthcare in an economical manner to our customers by absorbing the cost of the products through buying in bulk, thus reducing the price of pharmaceuticals products significantly.

We also provide prompt, efficient service in the distribution of medicine to all areas of our operation. Thus, in our own way, our Company discharges its duties to the community without fail, in keeping with its business and ethical practices.