About Us | mission and guidelines

As a socially responsible company the management of Seremban Premier Pharmacy Sdn Bhd would strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Avoidance of over pricing of goods
  2. Maintaining adequate stock and being consistent with available products in the market
  3. Ensuring full and precise payments to all Suppliers and Creditors without fail
  4. Collecting all dues from all Debtors strictly in accordance with the Company’s credit terms
  5. Close monitoring of expiry dates on all goods and stocks
  6. Maintaining the dignity of the Company and ensuring a high standard of ethics in competition with others in the same business
  7. Maintaining the integrity and credibility of the Company at all times
  8. Creating innovative and resourceful approach in the face of conventionalism whenever necessary
  9. Securing and providing good prospects and conducive working environment for the staff of the Company
  10. Providing efficient, prompt, courteous and excellent service at all times to our customer
  11. Providing the best management of business and trained human resources for the Company
  12. Ensuring a long and prosperous future for the Company